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Question No. 1

Amrut Mahtosav' is the celebration of which event?

Question No. 4

What's the name of initiative by India to deliver Covid-19 vaccine to friendly countries?

Question No. 5

Alpha Global, which was making news recently, is the Union alliance of which tech company?

Question No. 8

Which Indian state/UT has launched the new M-Sand Policy-2020?

Question No. 9

A term 'Jain tourism' is an new initiative launched by which Indian state/UT?

Question No. 12

The report titled 'The Inequality Virus' has been released by which organisation?

Question No. 13

What is the name of the public awareness campaign program on Ayurveda organised recently by the All-India Institute of Ayurveda?

Question No. 16

India celebrates National Voters Day on January 25, to commemorate which event?

Question No. 17

As per the release by Department of Science and Technology, what is India’s position in number of scientific publications?

Question No. 20

Which is the venue of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) Defence Ministers Conclave, to be hosted by India in 2021?

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